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I think it may be more of a macaw thing and a cockatoo thing than a general parrot thing. I've seen lots of 'toos do it as well. As for my four macs, Zaf and Salsa do the up n down bobbing all the time. Whereas Jack hasn't ever done it during the nearly 36 years he's been with me! He does however do his side-to-side swaying.

So since Jack and Lucky are both B&Gs, this suggests to me that the bobbing-dance proneness may not be so much species-related as it may be personality-related. But I also think both of those aspects may contribute to some degree.

Then there's Maynard. He does neither the bobbing nor the swaying... so go figure . This all suggests that while the up n down bobbing seems more of a macaw and cockatoo thing than a general parrot thing, it as well seems to be directly related to a bird's particular personality. In any case, I think it's a cute and interesting trait

We all have so many stories on here of the douchey things our birbs do to us and everything we love. What's something that your parrot does that reminds you how glad you are to share a life together?