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Thread: New manzanita stand for Shaggy

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    Illiger Macaw (Primolius maracana)
    Thanks @Mare,
    That is a very gracious offer and I might just take you up on it in the future. Lady has a floor stand but I mainly use it to work on trying to get her to step up. She has plenty of toys on it but they hang and she isn't the kind of bird to pull them up to her to play with. When her new cage arrives I hope it will be a big improvement with her activity so for now I want to take one new thing at a time and see how she reacts.
    I also have a table top, it is only one perch but has a bowl that can be removed or left on. She and I use the bowl for foot toys and it seems to me she has more fun with this stand because I'm there entertaining her with the toys.

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    Did you order this cage ? It's nice and big ☺

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinkbirdy View Post
    Did you order this cage ? It's nice and big ☺
    Hello..?..I'm going to take a wild guess..all hair stylists are knuckleheads

    I say this lovingly..I am one also
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    Sassy Goffin's girl, she IS Sassy Amigo, male umbrella cockatoo Chip! The cockatiel! The sweet, sweet Jellybean!
    Thanks, Kendra, I'll see where it goes. Thanks for the feedback, ladies, I hadn't really thought of table stands..those will be fun! I'm in Southern California at the moment. My 92 year old dad is quickly sliding down hill. He's always been such a force, it's sad to see him this way. When I get back home I'll be in full production mode

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    Sorry to hear about your father, Mare.
    I look forward to seeing what you create when you are home again. You can test them with your cockatiels and label them "cockatiel approved".

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    I too am very sorry to hear about your father, please keep us updated. Enjoy your time with him, the playstands will wait for you to come home.

    I do look forward to seeing the finished products though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mare View Post

    You folks with smaller you use standing perches and if so, are they for the counter/table or floor? Thanks, any feed back is appreciated!
    I know this is late but wanted to answer anyway. The city down the way has a thrift store with furniture. I bought some pc/office chairs and removed the chairs. VOILA moving stand! Add perched with ss eye hooks screwed in and you can attach toys, swings, ladders, etc. for hours of playtime fun that's customizable to each species.

    Before, I regularly replaced tabletop gyms. Now, I just replace toys, etc.

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