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Thread: Losing his grip?

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    Casper, a blue fronted Amazon. Loves banana. Hates plastic bags and red coats.
    Double blind test? Some birds get cider vinegar and some get placebo
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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    Greenwing macaws,Blue and Gold macaws,Calico macaws.Military macaws,Severe macaw,Hahns macaw,firey shouldered conures,Sun conures,Blue crowned conure,Blackwinged jardine,Greater jardine,Quakers,Congo african greys,Jenday conure,goldcapped conure and SI eclectus
    With the help of apple cider vinegar and acidic and one probiotic...we have been able to eliminate spasms and seizure like behavior from a 5 year old lesser Jardine.Eliminated an issue with a 35,year old African Grey I was sure we were going to lose....she's been fine for weeks now.Even similar to Caspers issue..our Tres Maria's Amazon is suffering from balance problems...also plucking.Of course his mate gets a kick out of pushing him off the perch..but its breeding season now,so lots of unusual activity.

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    Illiger Macaw (Primolius maracana)
    I have read that apple cider vinegar is great for us humans too. Maybe if they see us with some in a glass they might want a taste.

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