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Thread: Boo & Pumpkin update

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    I is so difficult to tell what the background may be. The redness in the beak usually means there is fisher genes. Without knowing the parents or the line they are from you may never know.

    I have been breeding a pair of Lutino cockatiels going on 6 years. Last fall they gave me a clutch of three. Two were whiteface and one Lutino. For all the years I have had them I have never had a whitefaced Lutino from them. It is not from the parents because I know the parents are all Lutino, so it must be from farther down the line. I have tried to take pictures, but due to the eyes I don't want to use the flash, but without it the pictures are really dark. Will try when the sun is almost at the window.

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    Very true Rosalyn, my mother had a pedigree dalmation bitch which was mated with another pedigree dog. None of the litter had proper dalmations spots. So much for pedigrees

    Yes please for the photos
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