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Thread: Bonka Bird Toys

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    Charlie-2 year old lesser sulphur crested citron cockatoo Peanut -1 year old White Bellied Caique

    Bonka Bird Toys

    So I just clicked the link at the bottom of PPfor the and I clicked on the link for Bonka Bird Products and I am very excited that I found a bunch of cool toys but I like to do my research before I use a company so I was just wondering if any of the fellow bird enthusiast had used any of their products and what your opinions were?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Rosie, our Greenwing Macaw (Hatchday 4/1/12)
    I have not. Sorry I can't be any help.
    Rosie & Kendra

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    I have not either. I buy from TNT bird toy store because the toys are made in USA by a lady the has several birds. The toys are well constructed and safe.

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    Charlie-2 year old lesser sulphur crested citron cockatoo Peanut -1 year old White Bellied Caique
    Thanks Dianne, good to know. I definitely want to support companies that are here in the USA.

    I will do some research on Bonka and see what I find.

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    Sorry to revive this if it's not allowed - it is a pretty old thread, but I thought it might be of help to others looking for good toy companies.

    I did some research on this company. They're family owned and toys are made in the USA - in Florida. The metals are stainless steel usually, but some are nickelplated. Leather is vegetable tanned, etc.
    Only thing I'd consider 'non-safe' are the bells on the toys - I'd merely remove the clapper, though. Overall, good company! They have a phone number on their website if you have any other questions on them.

    Again, sorry if this isn't allowed!

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    No problem reviving old threads. Thanks for taking the time to check into this. I am sure that the info will be helpful to others looking for different online shopping sites.

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    Now I just need to visit the site to see just what they have and check out the prices. I'm looking for a swing of some type for inside Lady's cage.

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    Hmm, I have never used a product at that company, so I don't know the product there either. However I think there are some places they offer quite good bird toys. I highly recommend taking the time to choose a toy that is right for your bird Choosing a bird toy requires a safe and appropriate bird life. And I think you have a good view of it. I have a bird named Crepber, and I'm also quite meticulous about choosing toys for it. Since my birds are in a barn, often lacking in exercise, my tendency is to choose related toys to help with the physical activity.

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    I haven't used theirs yet but i swear i am going shopping for birding toys for my cuties once this shelter at home situation is over.

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