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    1 1/2 year old DNA tested male Lovebird- Nash


    Hey all! As you may know I have been on the lookout for a new member of the flock for several months now.. and i think I have decided on who I want... He's a senegal! I was never planning on getting a bird of his size, but I have been working with him ( I may have posted some pictures on here? ) at the pet store I volunteer at and i believe I am going to try to convince my father to get another bird. He is very sweet, and I really hope I will be allowed to. I feel so bad for Nash to have never really met another bird and to be alone for so long each day ( even though he still gets out for at least 5 hrs every day and 8-12 on weekends XD ). I have the money ( for SURE ) and cage for him, so I guess I just need to get out, buy some toys and perches and hopefully get him within the next few months..

    I'm not one to make such bold decisions very fast.. I've been looking for a new bird since November-ish, and just now think I am ready. My goal with getting another bird is to have another amazing companion and for Nash to be able to see and sing to another bird ( They won't be in the same cage ) because he just never has before..

    Do any of you have Senegals, and if so, could you tell me how their personality is like? This won't change my mind but I want to know from someone first hand how they are. I've heard they are quiet, and I really have never heard Ray make a noise in the store, but I know that can always be misleading..

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    Illiger Macaw (Primolius maracana)
    Sounds like Nash will indeed have a feathered buddy. I have no first hand knowledge of owning a Senegal.

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    1 1/2 year old DNA tested male Lovebird- Nash
    I hope so! Thank you anyways (:

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    Willy-Eclectus, Oliver-alexandrine, Mookie-Senegal, Bella- Australian King, Joey and Peewee- Barrabands, Peachiegirl-Peachfront conure, Pepper- crimson belly conure, Peanut-plum head, Babyblue-parrotlette, Harry and Louie-canaries.
    Hi Savannah,
    I have a Sennie named Mookie. Not sure if he is a he or a her. In my case, definitely, Mookie is very quiet, although he can let loose with a shrill contact call. He is what I would describe as the typical Sennie. He is a one person bird, although he only has myself that cares for him. When talking about "fight or flight", he is definitely in the fight category. He backs down from nothing, which makes him dangerous around other birds. He usually sticks to his cage and play area, but heaven forbid if another bird dares to enter his territory and on certain days...that inludes me as well. He will occasionally attack one of his toys....quite the sight and sound. I would say he is quirky. When he is in attack mode, he looks like a feathered troll, hopping across his cage. He loves having his head scritched and will show me with his foot exactly where he wants it. He hangs upside down, rolls on his back. Although he could be considered temperamental, his quirkiness and cuteness gives him a pass. He is such a stinker....but I love him to death. You can't go wrong getting a Sennie, but beware of having him near your other bird....he could inflict some serious damage. Good luck.

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