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Thread: Mineral blocks

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    Mineral blocks

    do you give your birds mineral and calcium supplements?If so,what type do you give them?I've heard about cuttlebones,clay blocks,and other mineral&calcium supplements about 4 months ago,and I haven't seen lots of people give it to their birds.

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    Lineated Parakeet named Kobe (M) and (F) named Tango Maine Coon Kitty named Christine
    Now days they are making mineral blocks in combination with cuttle bones. I have two in my bird's cage. They will sometimes use them but not often. Better to have one than not to. If the birds need them they will use them.

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    Casper, a blue fronted Amazon. Loves banana. Hates plastic bags and red coats.
    Casper totally ignored the mineral block we put in his cage (another item in the cupboard with the flight harness) but he loves his cuttlebones - they are great fun to destroy and he might even swallow a tiny bit sometimes (it shows in his poop). Friends bring them back from the beach and we boil them to kill any nasties.
    I attach them to the bars of the cage by drilling a hole through the middle and bolting them onto a spring clip that I liberated from a self-retracting tape measure.
    I have a lot of those tape measures for my work (about five or six I think) but I can never find one when I need to measure something. I suspect they come and go with the phases of the moon - like the tides.
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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    Yellow shouldered Amazon, Salty
    I have never had any bird pay the slightest attention to mineral blocks or cuttle bones.
    HI , I am Salty, a yellow shouldered Amazon, hatched June 15, 2015. I will be a pirate someday, just like my daddy!

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    Illiger Macaw (Primolius maracana)
    Lady has a mineral block in her cage and I do see her use it to wipe her beak off mostly after eating before she settles down for the night.

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    White Faced Cockatiel - Riley. Heavy Pied Cockatiel - Carolina
    Riley will occasionally play with his mineral block but not often. It's been in there since he came home you can hardly notice any "damage" to it

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    Sassy Goffin's girl, she IS Sassy Amigo, male umbrella cockatoo Chip! The cockatiel! The sweet, sweet Jellybean!
    The cockatiels, Chip and Jellybean, are the only ones I ever actually noticed using the cuttlebone. Once in a while, I'll microplane some into Sassy and Amigo's morning oatmeal..they never knew what hit them!!

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