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Thread: Favourite Juice of Indian Ringneck

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    Favourite Juice of Indian Ringneck

    My indian ringneck parrot takes Fresh Orange juice every day, whenever i missed this in breakfast it behave very angrily and dont eat anything all the day.
    How to rid on this solution

    Can anybody guide me some great tips to rid on this problem

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    I suggest switching to carrot juice. My vet told me orange juice has too much citrus for a bird's GI system. What is your birds name? Can you describe what your bird is doing to make you think he is angry? Orange slices is better for then to nibble at, Apple or carrot Juice is better for drink, less acid. But they do need fresh water - always.

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    Most low or no added sugar juice does the trick.We often add mixed berry or banana/mango or any fruit juice.Just try and avoid the added sugar

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