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Thread: Flight feather loss

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    Quick reply and off topic. I noticed you have those awesome cockatoos! How are those birds?

    People think I'm crazy because I'm a bird man but hey, birds are awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casper's 2nd best friend View Post
    Good girl Daisy - she obviously decided the punk look didn't suit her. Casper's tail feather situation is still dynamic. New ones are growing but shed one at the weekend which i think was moulted and has another one that needs to come out because it is loose which could have been the result of a crash landing. It hurts him when he shakes his tail or knocks it against anything, so I am not sure whether we should pluck it out (which I have never done so am reluctant to try) or leave it for him to sort out. What do you think?
    If Casper's tail feather is loose and causing him discomfort, it may be best to have it removed to prevent further irritation or injury. However, it's important to have this done by a qualified avian veterinarian, as feather removal can be a delicate and potentially painful procedure if not done correctly.

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    Just an fyi. This is a old thread. Casper has passed away and his owner is no longer on forum.

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