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Thread: Pionus Pics Anyone?

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    Pionus Pics Anyone?

    Though it was time to add a few new photos of my little Ewok, Sierra. LOL She's definitely a character, a lot like a Mini Amazon when she gets mad at her toys & start beating them up or jealous of me talking to one of the other birds. She's not too keen on being held, except when she is in the mood...Did I say "Acts like a Mini Amazon?" She has learned quite a few words already, but she is not nearly as clear as the macaws. Rather, she has a very gravely sound that reminds me of the little Ewoks and I always call her that. She says Ewok very well and now I am working on her learning, "Ewok go night night" when I cover her.

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    *In Loving Memory Of My Sweet Little Peta Girl~~R.I.P~~Love Mom*
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    Catalina Macaw - Harlow, Blue & Gold Macaw - Rocky, Greenwing Macaw - Ruby, Bluefront Amazon - Tequila, Hawkhead - Charlotte, 2 Blk hd Caiques - Sammy, Greta, Yellow streaked Lory - Louie, LesserSulpher 2 - Belly, Sunconure - Gingee, Yellow sided Greencheek - Disco, Goffin - Pearl, Rosebreasted 2 - Owen
    Too cute [she doesn't look like shes full of it ]

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    Norbert~Thomas (english budgie)....Melon (lovebird)....Molly (pacific parrotlet)....Junior (American budgie)....Minty (green rumped parrotlet)
    Oh wow, she's a beauty! and, those are great photos. If I ever had the nerve to get a larger parrot, I'd LOVE to have a Pionus. But havent mustered up the courage yet. I think they are so amazing though....Sierra sounds like a real handful!

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    She's beautiful! Looks like her white cap is really coming in.

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    Aww, little Ewok is a real stunner She has that look on her face as if to say "I'm in charge here"

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    We have 1 beautiful Moluccan Cockatoo, 31 years young, she hates red foods, loves any orange foods and adores almonds. Cardboard lover, towel hater, loves SpongeBob SquarePants. The bird rules the roost and don't you forget it!
    She's a beauty and she definitely looks like she's the boss.

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    Glenn, Indian Ringneck; Sherman, White-capped Pionus; JoJo, Budgie; Tommy, Budgie; Sir Lancelot, Yellow-side Greencheek; Daytona, Sun Conure
    You're so lucky to have your sweety love you so much!
    Sherman has that SAME toy!

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