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Thread: Membership Rules and Etiquette Guidelines

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    Post Membership Rules and Etiquette Guidelines

    Please take some time to read through our membership rules, guidelines, and etiquette!

    (All particulars stated herein are subject to periodic revision and/or amendment.)

    Sometimes a discussion may evolve into a debate. We therefore ask that our members show respect for the beliefs and opinions of one another. Should a discussion within a thread become too disruptive, we reserve the right to remove certain remarks or references. We may edit in this manner on occasion as a means to maintain a civil atmosphere for all. We as well reserve the right to remove individual posts or entire threads if need be. However, the latter will only occur in extremely rare instances. We further ask that our members not criticize fellow members for typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or writing style. It shall be understood that the 'bashing' of any member (for any reason) will not be tolerated. We are not here to win arguments, to judge, or to condemn. We are here to better the lives of our beloved pet birds.

    No level of spamming, flaming and/or trolling by any member will be permitted on this website. Nor will we allow harsh criticism of any product or service (unless clear evidence exists that the product or service is harmful to pets). Asking for feedback on products, vendors, stores, breeders, or other services and their providers is fine. However, we request that any feedback given be based upon firsthand experience, not hearsay. Obvious spammers and trolls will be banned.

    1) Try to be ever mindful of what and how you are posting, as you alone are responsible for your words. 2) Make good faith effort to treat fellow members as you would have them treat you. 3) If/when a problem emerges, seek staff assistance/advice via private message or use the 'Report Post' feature.

    Pet bird health and safety will always be top priorities on this website. We will never allow descriptions, comments, photos, or videos to stand that have a clear potential to harm birds. Consequently, any posted content that we feel may pose or perpetuate a risk to the health or safety of companion birds will most likely be removed or edited, with or without notice to the posting member. Such content includes, but is not limited to, describing or otherwise portraying unnecessary risk situations, such as physical contact or near access between predatory pets (e.g., cats, dogs, reptiles) and pet birds. Additionally, direct public challenges to pet heath and safety warnings are not permitted. Violators will be sanctioned. Please see our regulation at *Member Opposition to Valid Pet Safety Warnings* for all specifics and any exception(s). We are not flexible concerning these rules! However, we are more than willing to discuss our views on bird health and safety with interested parties in private.

    Under no circumstances shall we permit sexually explicit content. This rule applies to "linking". Violators will be banned - there can be no exceptions.

    We have ZERO tolerance for harassment on this website. We encourage members to immediately report any infringements in this regard to one of our staff folks. Unfortunately, we cannot control what happens away from our website. However, we encourage members who are stalked or otherwise harassed by fellow members away from our website to inform us of such events so that appropriate actions may be taken where necessary. Staff actions in harassment situations may include confronting and/or banning the perpetrating members.

    Please do not publicly ask why a post has been moderated. Instead, our members may use the Private Messaging System to ask one of our staff folks for an explanation. Decisions to "moderate" are usually based upon several factors. In most cases we are more than willing to privately address the reason(s) involved for a particular act of moderation. In addition to periodic moderation of posts, we reserve the right to close or remove any member account for any reason, with or without notice.

    Members under the age of 18 may not reveal their age, location, email address or telephone number through any service or function of this website (publicly or privately). Individuals under the age of 13 may only become community members with prior parental consent.

    We discourage all members from openly posting their email addresses or telephone numbers as they will most likely be picked up by spammers. Please remember that this is a public website; therefore anyone with Internet access can see what you have posted. Consequently, the best policy is to protect yourself! Beyond this, no member may give another member's private information to anyone without that member's prior consent! If you want to share your own personal information with another member, please use the Private Messaging System to do so.

    We may endorse/promote certain products or businesses on a limited basis. Always use the "buyer beware" approach, and make sure to research beforehand. Signatures that include links to personal homepages are allowed. Regular members with no infractions may post links to sales at stores and/or links to or references for coupons. However, businesses signing up as members to post their own products or services may be interpreted as spammers which may result in removal of the posts and the members. Occasionally, there may be exceptions to the latter. Members who own small businesses and wish to add links to their signature areas for web sites that promote/advertise the products they sell may request approval from Precisely Parrots Administrators prior to adding said links. Site Administrators may approve or deny any such request with, or without explanation. We reserve the right to refuse any listing(s).

    We do not permit the posting of donation requests. Exceptions apply only to approved Bird Rescues listed in our 'Rescue Support' section. Any member wishing to announce a fundraiser event must gain pre-approval from our staff. If approved, the member will be instructed to submit their initial post as a new thread. Once the fundraiser event has completed we ask that the post-submitting member notify us. Members should be cautious about becoming involved with fundraiser events. Precisely Parrots will NOT be held responsible for misrepresentations or other problems that are connected with fundraiser efforts.

    Signatures may include links to your personal website, as long as the content of your site is "family friendly" and appropriate for minors. We ask that you keep your signature images small (650 pixels X 250 pixels at a maximum file size of 120KB). References or links that are religious or political in nature will not be permitted within signature blocks.

    The WWW is a big place and there are many forums out there. We will never object to friends sharing information with one another, or to our members belonging to many different forums. However, please do not recruit on this website! Meaning, do NOT create threads, submit posts, send private messages, or otherwise use this website in an effort to get our members to join other discussion groups or message boards. You may post links to threads from other forums, as long as the information is relevant to the topic at hand. Such links will be reviewed on an individual basis. We reserve the right to remove links, posts, or entire threads at our sole discretion, and to do so without notice.

    As relevant to the BIRD HEALTH & SAFETY section of this document, any and all photographs or links that depict companion birds in potentially harmful situations are NOT allowed unless prior approval has been granted by the Administrators or Moderator Staff of this website. Remember, bird welfare is our highest priority!

    You may post links within threads, but we ask that you refrain from posting any that are not relevant to a thread's topic of discussion, or merely for the sake of posting them. You may start new threads relating to available rescue birds within our 'Adoptions & Re-homing' section. And you may make requests for sought-after birds within our 'Birds Wanted' section. You may also post appropriately within the 'Accessories/Items Wanted' and 'Good Deals' sections. We certainly want to help birds find permanent homes as well as help members find the birds and the items they are seeking. Be mindful, however, that we are not Craigslist!

    If you feel a member may be interested in a particular bird that you currently possess or have learned about from Craigslist, a re-home site, or a similar classifieds source, feel free to post a link to the ad in the 'Adoptions & Re-homing' section. However, please refrain from criticism based upon the content of such ads (e.g., the apparent condition of a bird's cage, the apparent condition of a bird itself, etc.). We are here to learn from one another, not to bash folks.

    We will not allow debates on any of these topics. We genuinely respect diversity and understand that every person has his or her own beliefs and ideals. However, we will not tolerate the posting of ethnic, political or religious jokes or slurs. There will be no exceptions!

    You are responsible for your posts. Familiarize yourself with U.S. Copyright rules and restrictions. Please do NOT copy/paste large articles from other sites. Please do not plagiarize! Always credit authors and cite your sources. We reserve the right to edit/move/quote/delete any thread or post for any reason, and to do so without notice.

    We will not remove member accounts upon request. However, we reserve the right to delete any member account for any reason at our sole discretion, and to do so without notice.

    As our community grows, we may not be able to screen each and every post for inappropriate or objectionable content. If you feel that a post needs to be moderated, please do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or a Super Moderator with your concern. You may also click on the "Report Post" button located on the footer bar of every post.

    Thank you for your interest in Precisely Parrots! We hope you will enjoy your experience here.

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