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Thread: Nobility Award Winner - Apr 2014 thru Jul 2014 - Maddy (Maddy)

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    Nobility Award Winner - Apr 2014 thru Jul 2014 - Maddy (Maddy)

    Please join us in congratulating "Maddy" our April 2014 thru July 2014 Nobility Award Winner!

    Maddy! A very well deserved win

    De'Andrea (Turquoise) has chosen Maddy for this award and this is what she had to say.......

    Maddy is a very dedicated parrot keeper. She is young, yet she has shown us all here that she is very capable of taking care of her flock. She has really gone to new heights with her beautiful Jester and of course her darling Peatree and her sweet little budgies. She has a very good wealth of knowledge on the caring of parrots and she shares this with us here in her many posts and threads she has contributed.

    Maddy is also a very dedicated and valuable member here on the Precisely Parrots forum. She has been very loyal and is always more than willing to help out with contests and donations for our photo competitions. She is our most deserving winner of the recent contest we sponsored with being the first participant to reach 1000 posts for $500.00 worth of bird related items and she did this in a relatively short time!

    Maddy is a very accomplished artist already, specializing in parrots and has begun to venture into other pets as well. Her feather paintings she regularly donates to the photo competitions are very well sought after. I look forward to seeing many more examples of her work in the future.

    I just think Maddy is an awesome young lady and I am very proud to call her my friend! You so deserve to be our April Nobility Award Winner Maddy!! Congratulations my friend, take your rightful place on the Nobility Award limb!

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    Blue & Gold Macaw "Jack", Military Macaw "Maynard" - RIP, Hyacinth Macaw "Zaffer", Green-wing Macaw "Salsa", Nanday Conure "Bozley"
    Everything De'Andrea said, Maddy! Thanks so much for being such a spectacular PP member and such an awesome parrot parent! Congratulations!
    "Please never place your popularity above the safety of a feathered companion!"

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    Congratulations Maddy! A well deserved win!

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    Sassy Goffin's girl, she IS Sassy Amigo, male umbrella cockatoo Chip! The cockatiel! The sweet, sweet Jellybean!
    YAY!! Congratulations, Maddy! . Well deserved!

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    Rosie, our Greenwing Macaw (Hatchday 4/1/12)
    Congratulations Maddy!!!!!
    Rosie & Kendra

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    Peatree, Honey, and Pressie the GCCs, Paris the budgie, Grey Bird the CAG, and Jester Bean the C2
    Oh my! Thank you so much!
    De'Andrea, thank you for saying all those sweet things about me, it brought the biggest smile to my face! I'm so very honored to be chosen for this award!

    PP really is the nicest parrot forum there is. I'm so glad to be a member here and to be friends with all of you. I love all of you guys!
    "Every once in awhile, a bird comes into your life and changes everything."

    Always, Weasley. 2010 ~ 2013

    Custom Pet Portraits ~ Art by Madalyn C

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    Catalina Macaw - Harlow, Blue & Gold Macaw - Rocky, Greenwing Macaw - Ruby, Bluefront Amazon - Tequila, Hawkhead - Charlotte, 2 Blk hd Caiques - Sammy, Greta, Yellow streaked Lory - Louie, LesserSulpher 2 - Belly, Sunconure - Gingee, Yellow sided Greencheek - Disco, Goffin - Pearl, Rosebreasted 2 - Owen
    Wonderful Maddy

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    2 Male Catalina Macaws, Roscoe & Angel~1 Female Green Wing Macaw, Ruby Jewel~1 Female Solomon Island Eclectus, Leyla Belle~1 Female Pineapple Green Cheek Conure, Peta (R.I.P.)~1 White Capped Pionus, Sierra Sunrise~ 1 Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Dakota Nakira'Too~1 female Pineapple Green Cheek Conure, Serita Lynae, 10 Parakeets
    You are so welcome Maddy. I have had you picked out for my Nobility Award Winner choice for quite some time. I was just waiting til it was time to announce it to let you know. Sneaky aren't I!

    Wear your banner and username color change well, you deserve it!!

    Love your new siggie!
    ~~My Flock~~
    *In Loving Memory Of My Sweet Little Peta Girl~~R.I.P~~Love Mom*
    ~~Gotcha'~04/20/2012~~Flew Over The Rainbow Bridge~02/28/2014~~

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