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Thread: You are thinking about getting a Parrot?

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    It might be helpful to potential owners to know how much to budget for their birds each year. A budget should include food, toys, insurance and vets bills, consumables such as full spectrum light bulbs, cleaning materials, etc. It should also have an allowance for capital items such as new cages (main and travel) and air purifiers which need replacement every ten years (ish) so add them up and divide by ten. Anything I have forgotten?
    Obviously, need to know what type of birds as the bigger the bird, the bigger the budget I presume - this could be interesting.
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    This may sound obvious, but it means when considering parrot species you have to remember comparing a cockatiel and a macaw is like.Danika Oriol-Morway of the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary says the bird can be “a very challenging companion.”Personal or commercial adverts in journals such as the Parrot Society Magazine will often produce just the bird you are looking for; alternatively the local pet

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    Hello there . I have two parrots , one is small ( parrotlet ) , and the other medium ( green cheek conure ). I’m glad you are aware of the long term commitment getting a parrot entails. I did not know much when I got my first bird , the green cheek , and had to learn along the way. So of course it is best to research as much as you can ahead of time . Know that they are also a financial investment , yearly check ups to the vets will cost a lot , and their toys and if you want to get them good food like pellets that will be more expensive . I have no idea about larger parrots but I am sure they will even be harder to care for and more expensive including vet visits . You should talk to rescues about this since they have a lot of experience caring for parrots and have resources. Micaboo has a really great glass about parrot care that is a free seminar. Know that if you get a parrot you may not have time for other pets though. Good luck !

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    I have one parrot. He lives together with the dog. They get along well with each other. I myself am wondering if I should get a second parrot. The bird is not afraid. Sometimes my dog tries to catch it when it flies. It's a kind of game. Also, the parrot speaks the dog's language. He mimics or tries to mimic some of the sounds. If he didn't fly, I think he would definitely turn into a dog, but with wings. But I don't know how to take your bird outside. He doesn't want to go out for a walk. He likes to spend all his time outdoors. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Precisely Parrots does not support dogs/cats living freely and interacting with parrots/birds in the home. There have been so many stories of a formerly friendly dog/cat killing pet birds that have been in close contact with each other.
    Ideally, if you want to train your bird to be outside, a secure bird enclosure or training your bird with a harness that you have control of would allow your bird to experience the outdoors safely.

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