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Thread: Kookaburra and a couple other birds

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    Kookaburra and a couple other birds

    A friend of mine has a very cool Kookaburra(Australian king fisher, more of a carrion bird though) named Sid, short for Sidney. He came from a aviary with other young kookaburras who were beating him up so my friend got the chance to buy him. Babies are available from the Corvid Ranch, but you need a exotic permit in most states. He's pretty awesome, but is kind of hard to read. He's extremely soft and I love to pet his fluffy head.

    Sid lives outside in a Mew/aviary, two of his favorite foods that he gets daily are pre-killed mice and thawed quail pieces.

    Sid when he didn't have his adult plumage yet, the photo doesn't really show it though lol

    and two videos of him calling(at the pet store to there delight lol)

    He also has a small aviary with Homer pigeons, He uses them in falconry(not to be eaten). I love the homers, they are so cool. When he opens the door in the late morning there is a rush as they all fly out and fly in a flock up in the sky before returning.

    This is one of the adorable babies I got to hold.

    And even though he's not a soft bill, I LOVE Dogga, he is a 4-5 year old male Auger buzzard. My friend owns his parents and he's the first, and so far only, baby from the breeding pair. There is a waiting list for them but they keep crushing their eggs, hopefully this year they are successful since he changed their chamber set up and put their nest in the middle

    and his parents, Queen(left) and Dinky(right)

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    i love the kookaburra, they have to be one of my favourite wild birds. beautiful pics.

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    Awesome..thank you for sharing them!

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    Illiger Macaw (Primolius maracana)
    This was really cool to see and hear this beautiful bird! I can only imagine how loud they are in person.

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    I didn't realize how big they are. I love the call and I can just imagine how loud it would be in an enclosed environment.

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    Such an interesting bird. Their call sounds very much like hysterical laughter
    "Please never place your popularity above the safety of a feathered companion!"

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