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blog entry 3 from The Duswalt Foundation

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Sorry everyone for the lack of posts! We were very busy getting ready for today.. Today was an adoption/ yard sale day for us and we made out great!!!

The day started early with setting up everything, That was all done by about 8 A.M. which was starting time. Through out the day we had a lot of birds outside enjoying the sun and great weather. One of the many was rugie the rescued salmon crested cockatoo that has had a rough past. He looked just sitting and soaking it all in! Not only was the yard sale rewarding but having a good day with the birds was even better.

We also adopted out a blue and gold macaw and have some parakeets going home tomorrow! On top of that we received a cage donation which was a huge help.

Today was great and check back in for more updates hopefully daily from now on! I will try and let you know in advance if I won't be posting that day though!

Kind regards,

here is the Facebook page to keep up with all the happenings at the rescue:


  1. kendrafitz's Avatar
    Sounds like a great day!! Glad you did well with the yard sale and the birds had fun.

    Saw the pics on FB of Baby (B&G) going home. So happy for you all. Great news about the parakeets as well!
  2. jtbirds's Avatar
    Thanks kendra! Your an amazing supporter and it makes me happy when I see your likes and such.
  3. plax's Avatar
    Wonderful news, Justin! It's so nice to hear that Baby, the B&G, now has a permanent home... and the budgies too! You and your crew are doing a terrific job for lots of very deserving birds
  4. Mare's Avatar
    Sounds like a good day! I've always been interested about rescues and adopting from them. Is it a deterring process for folks that truly want to give a good home? A few years back I thought I would try to rescue a macaw and the process was almost overwhelming. I lived over three hours away and then having to take classes and have folks come to check on the bird, (totally understand this part), just seemed a bit much. Is that normal?
  5. jtbirds's Avatar
    Mare some are more extreme then others we are more lax, but still uphold certain standards. We have a process but it is not one that is crazy. Within about a month or so a macaw can be adopted without a problem because in a month or two a few visits can happen and we find if the bird likes the person. We do home visits and that's about the most intense we get we just check out the home nothing more. NO digging through stuff just walk in and see and pretty much walk out. For the smaller guys we are semi lax, like with the budgies I just want to see the people researched and have some knowledge and can prove it to me and we are good. If you have any other questions about it or are concerned about any part of the process just ask or say.


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