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The blog of- The Duswalt Foundation Exotic Bird Rescue

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The Duswalt Foundations Blog!

So I have said about doing this for awhile... A blog about the rescue and my personal birds and day ins and outs. I would like to introduce the rescue and myself. The rescue is The Duswalt Foundation Exotic Bird Rescue we are a non- profit, no kill rescue that is all about the rescuing, conservation, and education of domesticated parrots.

My name is Justin I am an Avian and animal lover, My true passion is working with animals and it is what my schooling revolved(s) around. I am a behaviorist and work with any parrot no matter what the chances or risks are. I am big on public education So I am involved in a ton of outreach programs and speeches. Now Onto my personal birds for the first post of this blog and I will add the rescues.

This will get the readers acquainted with my guys and with the rescues so they have a base to read when first starting.

My personal flock:
Lars- My side kick, A Blue Throated Macaw and one of the smartest birds I have ever experienced. He came to me with some pretty rough aggression issues.. He was left in a basement for a long time and then taken to a home that housed him better just misunderstood him.

Toby(g/w) and taylor(b/g)- The siblings as we call them, It is a Blue and Gold and a Greenwinged Macaw that grew up side by side. These two are animated and insane! They are loads of fun and a centerpiece to my outreach team. These two were rescued after being stuck in a home with little attention and care.

Cooper- My Severe Macaw, he is my next sidekick he does so many cool tricks and is just a great bird that has had a decent past. Cooper in the past experienced some behavioral issues that were solved, cooper was a friend of mines bird that was passed down to me when the time came.

Babe- My Double Yellow Headed Amazon that pretty much likes few things in this world... He was owned by an elderly lady who let him have free roam. While babe has come very far he is still a trouble sometimes and I still work on socializing him. Babe I have had for a long time and he is slowly changing his ways.

Rocky- He is my Senegal Parrot, Babe and him get along great surprisingly... Rocky was left in a flight cage with many cockatoos. He received his name because he fought them off. He has been left with many scars on his face/body. Rocky is an amazing bird and he has come so far.

Fiesta- Fiesta is my Catalina Macaw, she has had a really rough past. In her previous home she was abused. One day She bit someone and they threw her to the ground, drop kicked her and broke her hip in 3-4 places. It was left to heal by itself, Fiesta even after this huge amount of hate that was put upon her.. Has somehow found a way to love, She does well with me only some days having issues coming out of the cage. I am proud of this girl everyday! She has a cage to a custom her bum leg.

pickles- Pickles is My White Bellied Caique, He is full of energy and a normal Caique. He came with some serious aggression issues and we work with them all the time. He has gotten 90% better just once in a great while he gets a wild feather...

jackpot- Jack is our Salmon Crested Cockatoo, He is my most trusted outreach bird. The bird will go on everyone and I have 0 worries. He is also my only bird that does decent with someone with a mental disability. Jack is a great bird although he came with a huge screaming issue that exceeded 8 hours a day. We have since broke him of this horrible habit. Jacks original owner was in a biker gang so jack loves the sound of a motorcycle.

Romeo- Romeo is our Rose- Breasted Cockatoo he is a great little guy. His vocab is amazing and his past hasn't been horrible. He has a tendency to have an attitude and always has. It is very slim that we see it, He does great at outreaches for awhile and is an eye catcher to people looking!

koko- Is our Yellow Collared Macaw, She is a great bird but cannot leave the house. As soon as she does she goes right into a seizure. She has an extreme fear of cars and anything with going anywhere.. In the house she is extremely animated and great!

max and molly- Are male and female Eclectus Parrots. These two are great. Molly has some issues around mating season and thats about it.. besides their need to wander around the bird room.

Billy- Billy is a red bellied parrot that was rescued from a hoarder, She struggles with some phobia problems that we are slowly working on.

Rueben- Our big brut of a greenwing macaw, He is a young boy and is headstrong. We keep our eye on this guy because he likes to get the best of your bad side. We love him dearly and he is a great bird to have around and with outreaches!

OK~!! That is enough about my guys for now, We do have a few spots in our bird room open as of right now that will stay open until a bird with the extreme need for it comes around. I only take in the ones that will sit in the rescue for way to long..

The rescue birds and updates about them can be found here for now:

This page is new and we are trying to get it as popular as possible! A website and much more will be launched when we open the doors to the building. You can find details about the building process on there as well!

This will conclude it for the first post of the blog look back often for updates, I am going to try for daily as some of you may read my stories of my days and enjoy them. Thank you all and cya tomorrow hopefully!

kind regards,


  1. plax's Avatar
    Hey Justin... Thanks for your decision to share the details of your wonderful birds and the ups and downs of your enduring mission with us. I'd say you have a spectacular group there - both avian and human! I'm looking forward to following your challenges and your progress. Keep it up!
  2. Lady's Avatar
    I sure like reading this blog about all your guys, I think you do a heck of a job keeping so many so happy.
    It would be awesome to have a live stream of your rescue, we could pop in and see how much work as well as fun you guys all share throughout your day.


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