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plax blog (8/27/14)

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I've decided to write a blog entry or two. I'm not sure that updating a blog will become an ongoing thing for me, but I'm willing to see where it goes from here. I hope that none of the things I write about will end up offending anyone too terribly. If any of them happens to do so, please accept my apology in advance. As some of you may know, I'm prone toward expressing my personal views and I have the habit of airing my passions and plights. All I can say is that's simply who I am.

About My Love for Parrots

I've adored parrots for as long as I can remember. When I was quite young, I kept Budgies and I once had a Half-moon (Orange-fronted) Conure. The first time I saw a parrot holding food with its foot -I must have been about 4 years old or so- I felt a powerful fascination emerging within me for these captivating, feather-clad, hook-faced characters with graspy feet and clownish personalities. It was from that point forward that I hoped to one day have a larger parrot in my life as a family member and best friend. My interest in and love for all parrots have never waned!

I present my 4 Macaws...

Jack (Blue & Gold Macaw)

My very first Macaw. He came to live with me in 1981. Jack is indeed a great bird! I purchased him from a pet store at a shopping mall and he's been a terrific friend ever since. Jack is a wild-caught, imported Macaw.

Maynard (Military Macaw)
I acquired Maynard in 1982 from a feed store where he was on display in a glass cabinet for sale. It broke my heart to see him there, afraid and screaming. I was living alone and working a lot, so I decided that Maynard would be great company for Jack when I was away. They formed a bond that was immeasurable. Twenty-three years later, Maynard would develop extreme hostility toward poor Jack and reject him. Maynard is as well a wild-caught, imported Macaw.

Zaffer (Hyacinth Macaw)
Zaf came into my life in 2005. His owner had passed away 18 months or so prior; the widow had placed Zaf in boarding at a veterinary clinic. He'd been living in a cage at the clinic for at least one year. The clinic staff never allowed Zaf out of his enclosure. They claimed that they were too afraid of him. To this day, it's so hard for me to imagine that . Zaf is the sweetest bird I've ever known. He's truly my best friend! While he does have a few emotional issues, we've successfully worked through many of them and we are continuing to deal with the others.

Salsa (Green-wing Macaw)
Sals belonged to my dear and cherished friend, Terrie Morris. Tragically, she passed away in May of 2012 from a brain hemorrhage. Terrie purchased Salsa at a bird fair in 2008. He was only a few months old when he came to live with her. She vetted him, hand-fed him, and loved him dearly. Salsa was her pride and joy! Terrie and I became the best of friends, despite living such a great distance from one another. She asked me if I would agree to adopt Salsa and love him forever in the event something were ever to happen that precluded her ability to care for him. I vowed to accommodate her request. The rest is history.

More to come soon...
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  1. kendrafitz's Avatar
    Great to read the story of each of your guys!
  2. Lady's Avatar
    Great idea for a blog. It is nice to learn how others came to live with their birds.


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