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First Clutch Experience ... Tiki & Kiwi

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Good Evening All!

I hope all is well where ever this may reach you. We've recently joined this forum to be connected to Feather Parents alike. We are Feather Parents from Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles. We have a 4 yr old GCC female named Tiki & a 1 yr old CC male named Kiwi.

The middle of April 2018 Tiki had her first ever clutch with no success or fertility. Two of the eggs were deflated and 2 were fine. After some research and videos we realized they were not fertile. All was well for about 2 weeks then eggs started to appear again ... one by one they appeared.

Fast forward, we now we have 5 fertile eggs ... waited the 21-25 days and here we are!

Baby #1 = Sunni, was hatched on 5/22
Baby #2 = Cali, was hatched on 5/23

Parents are both being attentive to the babies ... stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Dragonlady2's Avatar
    How are the babies doing now?


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