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Some small issues; Day 5 & 6 [5/13/17]

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Ello Lovies!!! The past few days have been good but not great. She is being quite territorial. I learned to let her come out the cage herself to avoid being nipped. Gladly, I can change her food and water from the outside of the cage. Then she is having bedtime trouble (which I posted in the main forums). My guess this is part of getting to know her likes and dislikes. Although, yesterday we have been touching up on Step up train and she is doing well. She really loves her plastic links and they make excellent foot toys. I usually add them to the bowls on the playtop so she could play with those while she is out of her cage. Today she's been a snuggle bug. She flew over to me while I was on the bed, looking for some head scratches. I hadn't done my bed then, so she snuggled into the blankets for a while. Nothing much has happened so just a quick update.

Adieu fellow Hoomans


  1. plax's Avatar
    Overall, Kai's progress sounds quite positive. There's a lot good to be said about a bird who loves to snuggle and receive scritches
  2. Lady's Avatar
    It's been a bit since I've seen you post. Hopefully you guys are doing well and enjoying each other.


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