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So much new stuff!!; Day 3, 4 & 5 [5/11/17]

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Ello Lovies!! So yea.. Its been a while. Buuuuttt... I have some exciting news!! Kai's cage and bird toy parts had arrived!!

First, about the bird cage. It was a pain in the 'bootay' to put such a large cage together BY YOURSELF. The hardest part was putting the panels of the cage so it forms a body. I had to lean stuff on the walls so I had some free hands to screw them together. Somehow, I assembled it together in 3 hours cause the instructions were horrible, only one page. So most of the time I had to... wait for it... Wing it!! *Ba Dum Tss* (pun intended) Sorry I'm weird. I, at the time, didn't have any perches or toys to hang so it sat there sad and lonely for a few days. I had got some perches to decorate and Kai at first was not a fan of the cage but she warmed up to it. Here's her in the cage and the cage it self;

The toy she is hiding behind was made by me!!
I had ordered some toy making supplies from and experimented with a lot of things. While I was making toys, Kai decided she wanted to see what I was doing and flew over to my desk. Come to find out, she likes to play with brightly colored plastic charms and links. She also loves chewing on the crinkle paper that is stuffed into the toys. So far I have made 2 toys in which she seems to love, and I'm currently stuffing another toy I recently made.

Here are the two toys I finished;

Here is the one I'm stuffing with treats and crinkle paper;

I'm quite proud of myself.

Also I just received some RoudyBush pellet samples and need some opinions. Should I go with RoudyBush or Harrison's? I'm leaning a tad bit closers to Harrison's because its organic and I've heard some good feedback from other fellow bird owners. I'll post this question in the main forums but I just wanted to put it out there.

Adieu fellow Hoomans.


  1. Dragonlady2's Avatar
    Great cage, Kai will love it!
  2. Lady's Avatar
    What a nice cage! I know it's not easy to put such large items together by yourself but it sure looks like you should pat yourself on the back as you've done a great job. I don't doubt Kai would love it once she decides it's safe, and oh so much more room to explore and hide once you put in the toys. Lady's cage is similar and I was concerned she wouldn't get in it for a few days, as she is usually unsure of new things at first. But she fooled me and took right to it! I wrote a blog with pics if you want to read it.
    Love the pics, she is a real cutie, hope you keep them coming.
    As far as the pellets, I don't have any advice as Lady will have nothing to do with them. The outside birds didn't mind them at all though.
    Making toys is so much more fun and easier to get what you want for her than store bought. Keep up the good work as she will surely enjoy them.
    Updated 05-13-2017 at 06:11 PM by Lady (last minute thought.)


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