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Thread: Crimson bellied conure

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    Crimson bellied conure

    Does anyone here know anything about a breeder named Dave's Conures from San Francisco? He wants to sell me a CBC but has no website. Just want to make sure he is legitimate. Thank you.

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    Willy-Eclectus, Oliver-alexandrine, Mookie-Senegal, Bella- Australian King, Joey and Peewee- Barrabands, Peachiegirl-Peachfront conure, Pepper- crimson belly conure, Peanut-plum head, Babyblue-parrotlette, Harry and Louie-canaries.
    Please be cautious about buying this way. There are so many scammers out there. You need to be able to visit the bird before buying. Most reputable breeders have websites. Check on line to see if there are any parrot breeders in your area. If you can’t find a cb conure close by, check out black capped conures or green cheeks. They are a little more popular and may be more available in your area.

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