View Full Version : *Member Opposition to Valid Pet Safety Warnings*

05-20-2016, 07:06 PM
New Regulation for Precisely Parrots Members

Over the course of the past few days, it has become clear that given the inherent freedoms we enjoy among our parrot enthusiast community, our members unfortunately have the ability to bury important safety warnings by submitting reply comments that challenge those warnings. Exclusively for reasons of pet bird safety, I have decided that this problem must be remedied.

Safety warnings are intended to be impactful for a reason. The safest outcome from publishing such a warning will result when that warning is heeded by as many individuals as possible. Directly responsive challenges to such warnings, and certainly any ensuing controversial discourse, tend to dilute the potential for those warnings to positively impact upon readers of the threads where they have been posted. Ultimately, the presence of such a challenge makes it less likely that a valid safety warning -which, absent said challenge, might be taken seriously enough to be acted upon by pet guardians and thus genuinely save lives or preserve health- will serve its intended purpose. It is for this reason that we are implementing the following regulation on our message board.


As of this announcement on this day (May 20, 2016), if/when any community member challenges a pet safety warning that has been published within either a thread starter post or a thread reply post by a Precisely Parrots staff member, the challenging content will be removed and the member will be temporarily banned from login. The first violation will result in a 2-day ban, the second in a 7-day ban. Further violations may result in a permanent ban of the member. Should a sanctioned member choose not to return as an active participant among our community after a temporary ban has expired, no residual effect from said ban will remain and the member will be free to return at a later time enjoying full login privileges.

An exception to the above is that any such challenge by a member may be articulated and published within a thread of its own, as long as that thread is submitted exclusively to the Controversial Topics section. No sanction will result from doing so. As usual, members may always voice their complaints and/or opinions to our staff via private message.

There will be no flexibility on this regulation other than what has been stated herein.