View Full Version : *WARNING* Inspect and monitor your hanging bird toys!

10-11-2014, 01:25 PM
Essentially any hanging bird toy that uses a narrow rope, string, chain, wire, rawhide strip, or other ligature/cord material to suspend its toy parts may turn into a potentially lethal trap for a companion parrot. The danger arises once enough of the cord/ligature material becomes exposed as the bird progressively diminishes/removes the toy parts. If during playtime the bird manages to wrap or loop the exposed cord/ligature material around its body (especially around its neck), the effect of gravity upon the remaining toy parts may easily create a fatal weighted noose situation for the bird. The described scenario is especially a concern when a companion parrot is left alone with such hanging toys in its cage. Please regularly scrutinize each of your hanging bird toys to make certain none of them reaches a point where there is enough exposed ligature/cord material to form a loop around any part of your bird's body!