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  12. Genetically Modified Food for our Birds?
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  14. Don't Get A Parrot
  15. Dangers of Stunting Growth in Handfed Psittacines
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  17. forum dynamics
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  20. This, SOOO cracks me up!!
  21. editorial on companion bird and small animal safety relating to predatory pets
  22. Its National Bird Day in the US
  23. Really frustrated / rant post
  24. Frusterated! What is wrong with some people?
  25. Going for a break
  26. Opinions needed please!
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  29. Cartoon Violence - does it impact human behavior?
  30. Syrian Pigeon Fanciers - pigeons in a war zone
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  33. insight into the reasoning many vets embrace concerning their ability to get paid
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  35. Leaving this forum for a while
  36. kids and birds..
  37. Parrot jesses
  38. New TNT Toys For Charlie
  39. Too Much
  40. Thinking about a grey bird..
  41. [Rhetorical Irony] Free Baby to a Good Home
  42. Meet Karma!
  43. I've been beat up on..
  44. irritants
  45. Scarlet Macaw Law to be passed
  46. Little girl is at it again.....
  47. So Sick Of The Drama!!
  48. Thank you
  49. A Very Popular Parrot Species At Grave Risk
  50. This is UNTHINKABLE to me!
  51. my view on correctable health/safety risks
  52. The Endangered Species Act: Uncertainty under Trump
  53. U.S. Government Removes All Animal Welfare Info From Its Site
  54. OK...I am hooked!!!
  55. Parody Spoof - I couldn't resist!