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  1. Bird Safety: Unnecessary Risks (as depicted in posts, avatars, signatures, albums)
  2. Voice Chat available for forum members (non-video, voice only)
  3. Advertising in Signatures
  4. Announcement concerning irresponsible pet bird forum sites
  5. Bird Abbreviation Search Terms
  6. There's a blog up!
  7. A Critically Ill Member
  8. Dr. Irene Pepperberg at a Bird Event in Barnegat N.J.
  9. Free RSS news feed for PreciselyParrots.com
  10. facebook videos may now be embedded in posts
  11. Easy instructions for embedding YouTube videos within posts
  12. fb slider box
  13. member tagging functionality added
  14. Important information for members about user tagging...
  15. new editor buttons - including hash tag workaround for members using custom fonts
  16. hash tag inclusion
  17. IMPORTANT Thread For All to Read
  18. For all members interested in using our Games section and/or following posts therein
  19. my status
  20. I'll be inactive for a while
  21. Joking aside...
  22. Optional features on the Precisely Parrots website
  23. New power cable
  24. *Member Opposition to Valid Pet Safety Warnings*
  25. Largest Birdfair in Pittsburg 2016
  26. Free Preview of my mystery novel featuring a parrot
  27. New Blog!!
  28. advice for adding remote still image content to posts and embedding YouTube videos
  29. PP's IRC applet will no longer load in certain browsers
  30. information for members with email service from mail.com
  31. new color style
  32. New Mobile Interface
  33. PP server inaccessibility on 6/10/19
  34. We're Back!
  35. Data Center Power Failure Crash
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