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  1. Kinji and our challenges
  2. Kinji The explorer
  3. Introducing Miss Merlin
  4. The Noble Greys
  5. Info on Timneh and Congo African Greys !
  6. The most common diseases in African Greys .
  7. Hey Carole...
  8. Healthy checkup for Merlin
  9. You are the Sunshine of my life!
  10. My Gentleman Dexter
  11. Merlin manipulating me
  12. My Luna wanting my Stella! shoo you lush!
  13. Weight of your female CAG
  14. This is my Sam
  15. Merlin and the food dish
  16. What does this behavior mean in a young African Grey?
  17. Shiloh in flight .....
  18. Greys
  19. Nyka spam!
  20. May I share your breakfast
  21. Your Greys Side Of The Story....
  22. Urgent advise
  23. Our new family member
  24. Red African Grey
  25. Going to pick keko
  26. I think Quincy thinks he's a dog!
  27. New video of the african grey's
  28. Introducing Keko
  29. Mine and keko's special time
  30. Quincy's Dog Days Are Fixed!
  31. Spirit can fly!!!!!
  32. My Problem Child
  33. Quincy Being His Cute Innocent Self
  34. Me and keko plus the gang
  35. not just for christmas
  36. A Message From Dr. Jane Goodall - Wild African Greys
  37. Meet Boomer
  38. Mr Chatter box ...
  39. enjoying the sun
  40. African Grey doing push ups :)
  41. question about getting a new grey
  42. Alice
  43. Alice update
  44. Went to see the babies yesterday
  45. She's finally home
  46. Poet went to work
  47. Is Poet talking already?
  48. Funniest Grey one liner!
  49. Hey readers! Signing my book The Parrot Told Me
  50. Grey still learning new words
  51. Grey Bird (:
  52. Yay Grey Bird (:
  53. Have you ever used an Etsy site?
  54. About African Grey's. a video
  55. Smokey Is At it Again
  56. Rosie's Whoopie Do Video
  57. Concern or not to be concerned?
  58. A happy parrot
  59. Some Recent Pics Of My Quincy!
  60. A Trip Down Memory Lane - Quincy Baby Pics
  61. The Cereal Monster Strikes Again!
  62. African Greys upgraded to CITES appendix 1, breeders take note
  63. My Bird Does Not Enjoy Showers
  64. Is this something to be concerned about?